Transforming Lives:

Explore personal stories about how lives have been transformed, using individuals to represent the progress made and imagine the future.

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The health ecosystem:

Delivering progress on public health together

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Five decades of building a better world through health

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Stories of progress

Seven stories of progress over 50 years, showcasing advances, partnership, and challenges.

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Present to future:

Trends and challenges

Growing rates of NCDs, increasingly powerful patient data, a global population living healthier and longer lives - what does the next 50 years hold? What new challenges will industry and other actors need to respond to?

Looking ahead:

In pursuit of continued global progress

The world depends on global health progress to continue to promote and enable prosperity and progress. Health underpins the common view of the future we want, as articulated in the SDGs agenda for 2030.

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Commit to global health progress

The R&D-based biopharmaceutical industry remains committed to innovate and partner to deliver better health for everyone, everywhere. IFPMA will continue to convene the industry and other actors, renewed in its commitment to future global health progress.